Yang Chen is a multi-medium artist who work with ceramics, printmaking, painting, sculpture, installations. She was born in Beijing, China, and received her BFA in Tsinghua University in 2014, then she received her MFA from Ceramic Department at Rhode Island School of Design(RISD) in 2017. After graduated from RISD, she was selected to many reputable artists-in-residence programs, such as MassMoca, The California State University summer residency, Clayarch Gimhae Museum AIR program, Starworks ceramics studio, Hambidge creative art centre. Her work has been shown in China and the United State, like the National museum of China, the National Art Museum of China, the RISD museum, the Denton Arts Council. Yang’s work, which shifts between quiet poetic expressions and aggressive constricting brambles, connects with viewers through a deep sense of emotional resonance. Her work often engages space in a surreal and ethereal manner that suspends the sense of time. Using her unconsciousness and imagination as a tool, demonstrates a wondering world through sculptural and installation process.